English Essay “An Interesting Book ” by Kiran Idrisi

English Essay "An Interesting Book " by Kiran Idrisi

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English Essay “An Interesting Book “

Written by: Kiran Idrisi
Books are so many and so charming. There is a lot to learn from books. As it has been said that

“Books are the best friends of man” 

This is the era of great developments and inventions. Where mobile phones and computers have taken place of many other things, there they have also some impact on books reading. This may be true that people has left on a large scale to read books in  paper form. But this is also remarkable that they use to read books online and in soft form. 

There is a huge number of books that are available to read. Different books have different subject matters and topics that the authors discuss. There are many interesting books but the most interesting book I found among this huge number of books is the Holy Book, The Holy Quran. This is the last (Ilhaami) Holy Book that Allah Almighty sent on His last  Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H).  

Unlike other books Holy Quran does not discusses only one or two sides of a man’s life, instead It deals with all the aspects of human life. From a man’s early life/childhood to his young age and  to his last day in the world. From one’s individual life to social life. From prayers to dealings in business. 

Quran tells the poor that how to be happy in little in one side and on the other side also teaches the rich persons that how to spend their wealth in perfect manner. Quran also throws light on the matters of property that how and to whom property should be given. Quran has made this clear that who deserves, how much in a father’s property so that it would be clear for every person to know about his or her rights.

Quran has not only one but lots of subject matters. It also tells the stories of different Prophets and Their peoples. Where The Holy Quran has great subject matters, there the writing style of this amazing Holy Book is as great.

The most interesting fact about this Holy Book is that almost 15 centuries are going to be completed when the Book was sent and It is still in the same form as Allah Almighty sent  It.

So, in every  

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