How to Register for IELTS with British Council Pakistan

How to Register for IELTS with British Council Pakistan
IELTS is what all the Pakistanis want to do for ones and check their luck whether they can be able to go abroad or study abroad with less expenses or they love to study abroad in countries like Australia and UK to be legal in the countries while studying on a study visa. However doing ielts is not a lean thing for so many Pakistani people and many students thinks that it is hard to do thing which they will not be able to pass or score higher. Therefore the British Council expended and spreading awareness in Pakistan with their Pakistan based franchise.

How to Register for IELTS with British Council Pakistan

The British Council of Pakistan is now accepting online registrations and all the students and boys/girls can register for giving an ielts test online. As you may aware of they are providing good content for getting most of the details for ielts preparation and how to do ielts course and give the test for better scores. Without having much knowledge about ielts in Pakistan you can’t score well and there is also a gap in between the institutes/academies on the fees issues.

Many individuals are stealing innocent people’s money by asking for big fees to take the ielts test in Pakistan, as there are some cities for which British council is working for ielts including Abbottabad, Peshawar, Islamabad, Gujrat, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta and Karachi but no other – people have to pay big fees to those agents and thus they end up arranging fees without giving time to ielts prep course.

NOTE: IELTS with British council total fee for registration (which is the only fee) is dropping up and down towards 23,000 rupees/- and 30,000 rupees/- only which means nobody should ask your for 50,000 rupees or more and if someone ask you than you should complain to British Council or get rid of that person and go through the online IELTS registration at the official website of British council.

Watch below video in Urdu to understand it better:

To make everything transparent British council have to work like a champ and they are doing so because they tend to make sure they are receiving the fee before the test dates as candidates always gets their venue details and information 3 days before the test is and they send alerts via sms and email too. Thus they make sure that they have received the fee after 5 working days of your test date and not later than 7 working days from your application submission.

To register for IELTS with British Council Online in Pakistan follow the instructions at and be sure that you can read in English or have one person (who is good in English) sit with you to do it.

They are asking you to walk through 6 steps:

  1. Select Country
  2. Find Test Date
  3. Check Availability
  4. Terms & Conditions
  5. Candidate Details
  6. Summary

This is how you can submit IELTS Online Application officially with British council Pakistan. If you can’t get this done you can also comment your issues and questions and we will reply with a solid solution. Thanks