English Speech on topic "Muslims are at the Edge of Destruction"

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English Speech on topic "Muslims are at the Edge of Destruction"
Topic: Muslims are at the Edge of Destruction

Hi, this is ....... from class ...... from....... school/college, and pays homage to respected jury, honorable principal and respected teachers.

Respected jury,

Today the topic of my speech is

"Muslims are at the Edge of Destruction"

Respected sir,

We have seen great ups and downs of muslim world. We have great personalities in our Islamic history from our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to His(P.B.U.H) great Caliphs in Arab. We have seen superb rise of Muslims in the times of Ertugul and Sultan Usman in Constantinople and wonderful empire of Mughals in Sub-continent. We have seen great scientists like Ibn Sina, Ibn Khaldun and Jabir ibn Hayyan. 

But Sir let me ask a question,

Do you know who was the last caliph of Muslims.....?


But you will must have the knowledge about English and Western heroes who have developed interesting Apps for you like Google, Facebook, YouTube etc and your most loved gadgets like I.Phone, Smart Phone and even Driverless Cars which most of us don't understand what is it all about.

Respected Jury,

Now the Western people are even entering in next version of the future with new inventions like A.I, A.R, Meta.verse, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. And they are even exploring space that Allah The Great Creator of  each and everything has commanded us all to do in Quran as

"And We have placed within the heaven great stars and have beautified it for the observers."

Quran 15:16

 Respected audience, 

Who do you think are that observers...?

Are they Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos or anyone from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or any of other muslim countries....?

This is the time to think about the current situation of Muslims and my only question that I asked in my speech.

With regret! that's all from my side.




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