English Essay on Media | Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams

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English Essay on Media | Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams

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English Essay on Media Outline

Aspect: Role of media in society:
1. What is media?
2. Media in old days its ways and objectives
3. Growth of media corresponding with the growth of society
4. Quantum shift of media from oral to written with the discovery of print media
5. A glimpse of different civilizations and media
6. When the tribes merged into city states; the role of media also changed
7. The media ups and downs
a. the voice of the rich and influential people
b. the voice of rulers/ kings
8. With the emergence of democracy what was the changed crept into the role of media
9. Modern world media and democracy
10. Where the democracy is suspended the role of media is changed accordingly mostly due to pressure of government (dictators)
11. Development of media renaissance, development and science
12. Societies developed, developing and underdeveloped vis-a-vis the role and development of media
13. When does media become the tool of change
14. Is the media really influential enough to bring the change in society?
15. What are the factors which make the media influential
16 which section of society does the media influence gravely
  • a upper
  • b lower
  • c middle
17 the ways and means which the media employ or can employ for bringing the change in society
  • a. different sort of programs
  • b. news
  • c, reports
  • d. again and again coverage
  • e. discussions
  • f. dialogues
  • h. stories
  • i. satirical programs
  • j cartoons
  • k. using specific words or language
  • l. the role of anchorperson
  • m. dramas
  • n. documentaries
  • o. dressing
18. The areas in which media can bring change
  • a. political
  • b social
  • c religious
  • d cultural
  • h economic
  • I scientific/educational
19. Media and political change
  • a. effecting different decisions of the government
  • b. favoring any one institution of the government
  • c. governments domestic and foreign policies
  • d. governments developmental projects
  • h favoring different sections of society over each other
  • I can influence treasury and opposition benches
  • J may influence legislation
  • K may influence one party or other one
  • L may influence canvassing and voting
  • M may provide food for thought for government
  • N may favor any system of the government
  • O may favor left wing or right wing parties
  • P may favor liberal, conservative or secular parties
20. Is the media always neutral and objective in bringing political change?
21. What are the forces which determine the policy of the media------different channels/newspapers owned by different owners with different ideologies, with different sources of funding?
22. Different agencies may also find their agents in media
23. world powers ---- media ---- domestic political change and foreign political change
24. To what extent world powers are befooled and guided by media and its global political impacts
25. Can we make the media really neutral? the portrayer of only the truth? If yes then how?
26 media and social change
  • a behavior of the people
  • b relationship among the people
  • c. media and health
  • d. consciousness about different diseases
  • e. advertisement
  • f education
  • g quality of education
  • h different educational movements of the world
  • i syllabus
  • j the situation of educational institutions
  • k university college school
  • l education in rural areas
  • m education in jail
  • n. education for special people
  • o. Education of women
  • p issues of women and media
  • q Education
  • r economic empowerment
  • s domestic violence
  • t gender biasness
  • u. media in the wake of natural disasters
27 moral issues and media
  • a decency
  • b. honesty
  • c. integrity
  • d. diligence
  • e. discipline
  • f. truth
  • g. respect
  • h. development of social values
  • i. cleanliness
  • j forbearance and tolerance
  • k harmony between different
  • I factions
  • Ii races
  • Iii sects
  • Iv linguistic groups
28. to what extent media does promote social change and in which context
29. is the change natural, induced or imposed?
30. globalization/social change and role of media
31. Different group’s foreign and indigenous media and social change and reaction of society
32. Religious change and media
  • a. discussion among different divine religions
  • b. through discussion among different religions development of understanding
  • c to lessen the friction among different religions- Islam Christianity Judaism and Hinduism
  • d. through religion to bring the world together in the wake of globalization
  • e intra-religious harmony
  • f. religious duties and special programs on media
  • j death and birth anniversaries of religious figures
  • k. religion modernity and media
  • l. blind religious beliefs and role of media
  • m. true picture of religion and media
  • n. concepts and practices
  • o. role of so called mullahs/Sufis
  • p can media be not biased in the matter of religion?
33. Cultural change and media
  • a. dress
  • b. diet
  • c different festivals
  • d art
  • e music
  • f architecture
  • g literature
  • h traditional culture vis-a-vis modern culture
  • I culture media and synthesis
34. Media and economic change
  • a. advertisement
  • b. business opportunity
  • c. fashion industry
  • d chemical industry
  • e housing industry
  • f food industry
35. Media and public opinion
36. To what extent media can bring the change in the life personal and social of an individual
37. Media sensational news and individual of a society
  • a children
  • b youth
  • c old
  • d. women
  • e professionals
38. media- a serious thing or an entertainment or pleasure time
39. Here is the media pushing the world- towards construction or destruction
40. Are we mere changeable entities before media or thinking and responding beings in light of our own consciousness?
41. Media in 21st century
42 to what extent can we rely on media for secure peaceful and prosperous mankind

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