English Essay on Islam Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams

If you can't write an essay on Islam in English and have to prepare for test exams of NTS, PCS or CSS then read this English Essay on Islam Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams and be able to write an essay on Islam in English easily ...

We are updating students with outlines of English essays so they can easily write essays for their test exams of NTS, PCS and CSS. If you are searching for Islam English Essay outline then read below as we have updated this page with new Essay on Islam in English outline.
English Essay on Islam Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams

You can read this outline of essay on Islam topic for preparing for tests by NTS, CSS and PCS so bookmark this page for using it whenever you need:

Islam English Essay Outline:

Angles/ Aspects
  • a) Religion of Peace
  • b) Islam and terrorism
  • c) Islam and west
  • d) Challenges to the world of Islam
1. Islam-its meaning and message
2. Background in which Islam dawned in Arabia and its revolutionary impact in bringing peace and prosperity in Arabian peninsula.
3. Islamic concept of peace with respect to
  • a. Human beings,
  • b. With respect to different raves,
  • c. Religions and
  • d. Languages
  • e. In peace and war time.
  • f. Animals
  • g. Crops and trees
4. Islamic concept of war
  • a. Only meant to bring peace
  • b War not option but compulsion
5. The age of Prophet of Islam and peace
  • a. Relation with
  • i. Arabian pagans
  • ii Co-clan opponents
  • iii. Enemies
  • iv. Christians
  • v. Jews
  • b. The war during the reign of prophet and reasons for war
6. Expansion during the reign of caliphs
  • a. Why is it a objectionable in the eyes of western historians
  • b. Did the expansion belie the peaceful credentials of Islam
  • c. Were Muslim armies waging war for:
  • i. Territory
  • ii. Kingship
  • iii Monetary
  • iv. Expansion of Islam
  • d. Were the wars offensive or defensive?
  • i. Was the Muslim state really threatened when the attack was launched by Muslims?
  • ii. Were the Persians and roman empires hurdles in the peaceful propagation of Islam?
7. Muslim dynasties and peaceful face of Islam
  • a. Ummayads
  • b. Abbasiydis
  • c. Fatimi
  • d. Usmani
  • e. Mughal
  • f. Modern Muslim states
8. Can the acts of Muslim rulers be equated with the concepts of Islam?
9. Can the acts of a Christian ruler be always equated with Christianity?
10. The historical writings of different writers especially some Muslims and generally some non-Muslims and Islamic concept of war and peace
11. Expansion of Turks into the west (Roman Empire) and image of Islam in the eyes of the west
12. Mughals incursions into the subcontinent and image of Islam in the eyes of Hindus
13. Warring factions among Muslims and the peaceful nature of Islam
14. Islamic teaching and the aspects of peaceful life
  • a. no love for money
  • b. no love for property
  • c. love for god
  • d. the day of judgment
  • e. namaz
  • f. zakat
  • g. haj
  • i. roza
  • j sanctity of three months of Islamic calendar
  • k the peaceful sanctuary of Kabbah
15. When the religion is so peaceful why the Muslims resorted to war even immediately after Islam and throughout later centuries
  • a. political
  • b. factional
  • c. territorial
  • d. racial
  • e. economic
  • f. linguistic
  • h. conspiracies
  • I shifting from Khilafat to Malukiyat
16. When Islam is so peaceful then why the non-Muslims blame it?
  • a. fearful of Islam’s revolutionary message
  • b. against the religious clergy to be powerful
  • c. misunderstanding between religions
  • d. biased propaganda
  • e. Islam’s earliest wars with Jews and Christians
  • f. crusades
  • g. Usmani’s incursion into the west
  • h. Ummayads incursion into the south west
  • i. Opinion of western writers about Islam after the conquest of Constantinople
  • j. Spanish propaganda after the fall of Granada
  • k. Freedom movements of Muslims when west occupied Muslim lands in 19th, 20th and 21st century
l. Due to biased propaganda of Jews and Christians
  • m Israel’s creation
  • n Muslims reaction and biased allegation of west against Muslims
  • o some unscrupulous speeches of some mullahs of islam
17. A poor defense of Islam
  • a. no great scholar among Muslims
  • b. poor facility of media
  • c. resource issue
  • d. non-serious attitude of Muslims
  • e Muslims at loggerheads with each other
  • f. sectarianism and factionalism
  • h. low literacy rate among Muslims
  • i. influence of traditional mullahs
  • j. away from modern sciences
18. why Islam has been equated with terrorism
  • a. Muslim power eclipsed-west encroached upon Muslim territories
  • b. Muslim woke up for restoration of lost glory
  • c. their spirit of freedom was equated generally with terrorism
  • d. Israel’s occupation of Palestine
  • e. India’s occupation of Kashmir
  • f. USSR occupation of Afghanistan
  • g. USA and UK interference in Iran and Central Asia
  • h. First Gulf War against Iraq
  • i. Iraq’s second occupation
  • j West undue support to India and Israel
  • k. Mujahids(freedom fighters) emerged
l. superpowers threw their agents exploited them against USSR
  • m. Mujahid were trained, connected throughout the world turned against America
  • n. a new challenge in the name of Clash of Civilizations was concocted (America started to think who can challenge west after USSR)
  • o. world trade center and Muslims (in Islam different sections have always been fighting for their ideology)
19. Solution for Muslims
  • a. peaceful
  • b war or attacks
20. Americas attack on Iraq and Afghanistan
  • a. frustration even among peaceful Muslims
  • b. hard response of Mujahids to US
  • c this is where terrorism emerged and was equated with Islam
  • d. terrorist directed the attacks:
  • i. against USA ii its interest
  • iii its allies (both Muslims and non-Muslims)
21. mujahid have two agendas
  • a to defeat the USA and its allies
  • b to establish an Islamic state
  • c. Irrespective of injunctions of Islam they use every possible method of resistance against USA and its allies whether it is human or not(here it is needed to understand the injunctions of Islam and the ways and means of terrorists/mujahids. The western world is at fault. They must differentiate)
  • to defeat America and its allies
  • . a. mujahid might be playing at the hands of some agency known or unknown to them
  • b in the garb of mujahids there might be criminals in order to save their skin, the criminals have ranked themselves with the mujahid.
  • c. mujahids are terrorists being the deficient in the knowledge of Islam or induced were whatever they want to do in the name of Islam. It is also creating a bad name for Islam
22. They want to establish Islamic state
  • a. are they really conversant in the teachings of Islam?
  • b do the great scholars of Islam support them?
  • c. do the masses support them?
  • d. in the present Muslim world the laws being practiced are un-Islamic?
  • e for establishing an Islamic state can they kill their brother Muslims and fellow human beings?
  • f. what kind of state they want to establish?
  • g will it cater to the needs of modern times?
  • h. are all the Muslims support the terrorist or mujahids?
  • I in labeling all the Muslims instead of a few mujahids what does the west want?
  • J does west really believe in clash of Islam and the west?
  • m. is the response of west in the name of freedom of thought and expression toward Muslims responsible(cartoon controversy, books)
  • n. can Islam not accommodate
  • i different thoughts
  • ii different systems of government
  • iii different races
  • iv different stages of belief
  • v different languages
  • vi different clans
  • vii different colors
  • o. Can the Islam not liberate the diversified world?
23. Islam, west and future of mankind
24 Islam’s true spirit of peace is the destiny of future mankind

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English Essay on Islam Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams
If you can't write an essay on Islam in English and have to prepare for test exams of NTS, PCS or CSS then read this English Essay on Islam Outline for CSS, NTS and PCS Test Exams and be able to write an essay on Islam in English easily ...
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