27 Visa Free Countries for Pakistan 2020 New List - Without Visa Entry on Pakistani Passport

Some people thought that traveling with having a Pakistani passport is not good but there is something cool which you should know about to make sure that you are informative to what a Pakistani passport can do and help you visit more countries without spending on visa applications and visa costs.

There are several destinations that you can visit without a visa when you are having a passport from Pakistan. According to some websites and some official documents, we have got a list of the top 27 countries you can visit without a visa if you are from Pakistan.
27 Visa Free Countries for Pakistan 2020 New List - Without Visa Entry on Pakistani Passport

Yes, it's true there 27 countries that Pakistani people can visit without a visa with a Pakistani passport. But don't be too happy to know it, as there are some conditions which apply to many countries and some of these are requiring a visa on arrival so you will fly without visa but require the visa when you arrive at your destination. Some are not requiring any visa and some say that you should have an e-Visa. So that we have listed countries by their visa terms so you can easily travel to these visa-free countries and spend your holidays with more fun:

eVisa Countries for Pakistani Passport

If you are from Pakistan and or Pakistani National or have a Pakistani passport than these countries will accept your online application for a small fee that you can pay via credit or debit card and have an eVisa to fly to your favorite destination. So read the list of countries which offers eVisa services for Pakistani Passport holders and give you eVisa with a small fee:
  • 1. Bahrain: 14 days of visa validity
  • 2. Kenya: 3 months of visa validity
  • 3. Myanmar (Burma): 28 days of visa validity. eVisa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay airports
  • 4. Zimbabwe
These are the countries require you to apply for an eVisa online and they accept you in easy manners, so there is no more thing to do when you have an eVisa you can travel without worries.

Visa Free Countries for Pakistanis

Its the main thing you may look for, as the title suggests that there are some countries we can visit having a Passport of Pakistan and they will not require any visa. So if you don't want to pay your agents, agencies or apply for an online visa than here's a list of countries that you can freely visit having no visa when you have the great Pakistani passport. All you have to do is just show your Pakistani passport to their security or immigration authorities and they will grant you free entry into their countries:
  • 5. Dominica: Valid for 21 days visa validity
  • 6. Haiti: Valid for 3 months visa validity
  • 7. Micronesia: 30 days of visa validity
  • 8. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1-month visa validity
  • 9. Trinidad and Tobago: 30 days visa validity
  • 10. Vanuatu: 30 days of visa validity
You may get shocked by reading these names of the countries but these countries are famous now and they are beautiful to visit or spend your honeymoon there or visit just to explore the world. So get there without a visa and enjoy your travel.

Visa on Arrival Countries for Pakistani Passport Holders

There are some countries you can fly to without visa but on arrival at your destination, you will need a visa. Its call visa on arrival and here we have listed those countries where you can fly without visa with Pakistani Passport and they will give you the visa on arrival:
  • 11. Cape Verde
  • 12. Comoros
  • 13. Djibouti
  • 14. Guinea-Bissau: 90 days visa validity
  • 15. Madagascar: 90 days visa validity
  • 16. Maldives: 30 days visa validity
  • 17. Mauritania
  • 18. Mozambique: 30 days visa validity
  • 19. Nepal
  • 20. Palau: 30 days visa validity
  • 21. Samoa: Entry permit on arrival and validity of 60 days visa validity
  • 22. Seychelles: Visitor’s permit on arrival and validity of 1 month visa validity
  • 23. Tanzania
  • 24. Timor-Leste: 30 days visa validity
  • 25. Togo: 7 days visa validity
  • 26. Tuvalu: 1 month visa validity
  • 27. Uganda
These are the countries you will have visa on arrival process and you can fly to these countries without visa but require the visa on arrival. So for this process, you should call their embassies.

Good luck and have a safe journey, however, we are here if you need any kind of help regarding visas for these countries. If you are a Pakistani student than don't forget to comment on your questions right below as we are here for Pakistani students.

So ask your visa related questions about this list of visa free countries for Pakistani passport.

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