Zong Call Packages 2018 - Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly - Prepaid / Postpaid Plans

Get Details of Zong Call Packages 2018 - Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly - Prepaid / Postpaid Plans for Calling all day, all week and whole month for free, select your best Zong call package from here and find their subscribe codes to activate the bundle for call offers now with your Zong sim...

Using Zong or in other hands China Mobile Pakistan mobile network (CMPak)? and looking for the best Zong calla packages? if yes than here we are updating our student readers with latest Zong call packages like Zong hourly call packages, Zong daily call packages, Zong weekly call packages and Zong monthly call packages with its power pack plans for calling your friends, loved ones and family members overnight, all day and everyday. Zong is China Mobile Communications Corporation' subsidiary and its operating in Pakistan with best 2g, 3g and 4g network and having great calling services with great technology. Zong also got an award of "No.1 Operator in voice and data services" by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) and its subscribers base is increasing day by day all over the Pakistan.
Zong Call Packages 2018 - Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly - Prepaid / Postpaid Plans

Apart from Zong Talk Packages we are also giving you information about codes of plans about Zong Internet Packages, Zong SMS Packages and more. As Zong call packages are very different than other mobile networks in Pakistan here we are including their best and latest call offers with details about pack and how to subscribe and codes. So now read about Zong Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans:

Zong Hourly and Daily Call Packages (Prepaid):

Daily unlimited, Shaandar and Super Student Call Packages from Zong prepaid sim offers you to have a call package only at 5 rupees and you you can enjoy calling zong to zong numbers all day with free minutes and also you will get free sms and internet mbs for other zong daily call packages. So read the table below for Zong daily call packages prepaid to make unlimited calls:
Package Name:Price (Rs.):On-net minutes:Other incentives:Package Validity:Sub Code:
Super Student Bundle5+taxUnlimited30MBs2 hours*5555#
Daily Shaandar Offer8+taxUnlimited500 SMS and 50MBs1 full day*999#
Daily Unlimited Offer12+taxUnlimited1MBsMidnight same day*522#
* packages maybe be changed and minutes maybe limited to a fixed range and may not.

More Zong Prepaid Daily Call Packages:

If you are not student and want more Zong prepaid call packages for daily use than here is another table of Zong call packages to try and all of these Zong call packages are valid till same day midnight you are subscribing to it:
Bundle Name:Price (Rs.):On-net Minutes:Other incentives:Not Available:Sub code:Unsub SMS:
Hello8+Tax100100 SMS, 50MB for FacebookN/A*2200*1#Unsub to 4952
Flutter8+Tax90100 SMSN/A*369#Unsub to 369
Full Gup5+Tax75100 SMS, 30MB for WhatsAppN/A118*1#Unsub to 1181
Sixer Plus8+TaxUnlimited500 SMS6pm – 6am*666#Unsub to 666111
Non Stop Offer10+TaxUnlimited7pm – 10pm*777#Unsub to 7141
Perfect Package12+TaxUnlimited500 SMS, 40MB7pm – 10pm*118*2#Unsub to 7171
* Only student bundle validity is 120 minutes after your subscribe and all other above mentioned call packages validity is midnight same day.

Zong Weekly Call Packages Prepaid:

With Weekly Unlimited Offer you can call zong2zong for free with unlimited calls and you can get more weekly prepaid call offers from zong such as All in 1 bunde and Shandaar haftawaar call offer for codes and more information read below:
Package name:Price (Rs.):On-net minutes:Other incentives:Validity:Sub Code:
Shaandar Haftawaar Offer75+tax100050 off-net, 1000 SMS, 350MB7 days*7#
All-in-1 Weekly95+tax50040 off-net, 500 SMS, 500MB7 days*6464# > 4 > 1
Weekly Unlimited Offer63+taxUnlimited150 SMS/day7 daysSend “PK7” to 522
* After dialing *6464# press 4 > press 1 and you will be subscribed to All-in-One weekly Call Package and if you want to unsubscribe than dial *6464# press 4 then press 1 and select your subscribed weekly bundle than press 3 to unsubscribe from weekly call bundle.

Zong Monthly Call Packages Prepaid:

Zong being the best mobile network in Pakistan for its call packages is also providing the very good monthly call packages to its prepaid customers with a variety of rates and minutes as you can read below:
Package Name:Price (Rs.):On-net minutes:Other incentives:Validity:Sub Code:Unsub Code:
Supreme Offer7503000300 off-net, 3000 SMS, 3000MB30 daysdial *3030#“unsub 750” to 6464
Monthly Unlimited Offer255+taxUnlimited500 SMS/day30 daysSend “PK30” to 522Unsub to 522
Shandaar Mahana Offer300+tax1000100 off-net, 1000 SMS, 1000MB30 days*1000#Send “unsub Mahana” to 7091
All-in-1 Monthly 5005001500150 off-net, 1500MB, 1500 SMS30 days*Dial *6464# > 4 > 2**
All-in-1 Monthly 599599+taxUnlimited2GB, 500 SMS/day30 daysSMS home1 to 6565
All-in-1 Monthly 799799+taxUnlimited4GB, 500 SMS/day30 daysSMS home2 to 6565
* Subscription and unsubsciption process of these packages is same as weekly call packages of zong.

Zong Power Pack Sim Offer - Call Packages Prepaid:

If you want some tailored and good prepaid call packages for your Zong sim than here's a list of best power pack sim offers by Zong to its power pack customers and these are starter, value and gold offers as you can read below:
Power Pack SIMsStarter SimValue SimGold Sim
Details: Monthly Power Pack 500Monthly Power Pack 10003 Months Power Pack 1500
Zong to Zong Minutes100020008000
Other Network Minutes50150200
Mobile Internet MB2,5005,0008,000
Price Including TaxRs. 500Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,500
Validity30 Days30 Days90 Days
* All prices shown in above table are inclusive of taxes and you can subscribe to these offers by dialing *1313# on your Zong sim for Power Pack Packages.

Old/Default Zong Prepaid Call Packages:

Package Name:Charges:On-net/Off-net (Rs./min):SMS Rs. (All Networks):Mobile Internet (Rs./ MB):Package conversion:Happy Hour:FnF:
Economy60 sec1.81.34Dial *310# or Call 310YesYes
20 Seconds20 sec1.6514SMS Sub to 931 or Call 310NoNo
Circle30 sec20.54Dial *456# or Call 310NoYes
Flutter60 sec1.81.34Dial *369# & press 1 or Call 310YesYes
* These are the first time or you can say default Zong sim packages, if you want to change them than Rs. 15 + tax will be deducted from your Zong Sim and this apply to every tariff change after first time you change the package.

Postpaid Zong Call Packages:

Zong is also providing some very nice postpaid call packages to its postpaid customers and here's a list of best Zong call packages postpaid you can subscribe now:
Package Name:Monthly Line Rent (Rs):Minimum Security Deposit (Rs.):On-net minutes:Other incentives:Basic Tariff for calls (Rs):
Z300300+tax1000500100 off-net, 500 SMS, 1000MBon-net: 1.4/min
off-net: 1.4/min
Z500500+tax10001500250 off-net, 1000 SMS, 2000MBon-net : 1.25/min
off-net : 1.25/min
Z900900+tax2000Unlimited500 off-net,2000 SMS, 4000MBon-net : 0/min
off-net: 1.25/min
Z15001500+tax3000Unlimited800 off-net, 4000 SMS, 8000MBon-net : 0/min
off-net: 1.25/min
Z30003000+tax5000Unlimited1200 off-net, 5000 SMS, 25600MBon-net : 0/min
off-net: 1.1/min
  • For Post call packages activation and details call at 310 from your Zong postpaid sim.
  • To get complete info about your free minutes, mobile data and SMS type BL and send it to 567 via your Postpaid Zong sim
  • To receive e-bill for free send EBSUB space Your Email Address to 3100 and if you want to change the email address than type EACNew Email address Here and send to 3100
  • Zong postpaid have two billing schedules for you on is 1-30 and another is 15-16 basis, so you can easily pay it
This page was about: Zong Call Packages 2018 - Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly - Prepaid / Postpaid Plans

If you need more information or more Zong packages than comment below or visit our Mobile packages page.



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Zong Call Packages 2018 - Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly - Prepaid / Postpaid Plans
Get Details of Zong Call Packages 2018 - Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly - Prepaid / Postpaid Plans for Calling all day, all week and whole month for free, select your best Zong call package from here and find their subscribe codes to activate the bundle for call offers now with your Zong sim...
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