Selection Process of PMYTS 2018 After Registration Complete Guide NIP

Selection Process of PMYTS 2018 After Registration Complete Guide NIP
Here on this page we are going to tell you something interesting about Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme 2018. As you are aware of registration of PMYTS programme and its closed now however we say congrats to all the candidates who are selected in Nation Internship Programme and PMYTS Phase 2018 some of them also have their tracking id with them. Now we think there will be some question which will pop-up in your mind like what is the next process for Selection Process of PMYTS 2018 After the Registration, Is I am Eligible for pmyts or not, What is NIP and what its about and also when I will receive email from NIP to confirm my entry.

The Process of Prime Ministers Youth Training Scheme is quit simple yet previous and new candidates can't get it right and some of them are doing mistakes so they are ending up getting no stipend to cover their financial crises. As you know that after submitting your documents online on NIP website you have to wait for at-least two months because pmyts team will verify your documents and details to make you eligible for getting participation in national internship program. So that after submitting PMYTS registration form do some rest and read below to get more guidance.

Here comes the NIP Verification Process:

National Internship Program (NIP) team is there to check your record like personal and official record and than they will verify your academic/educational records or documents/certificates and after that they will decide where you should deliver and which field is best for you. So that the very first step is to confirm that you have submitted the correct personal information which is written below:
  1. CNIC number
  2. Your name (full name)
  3. Your mailing address (VPO or other)
  4. Personal contact number
And NIP will verify these records using official bodies like NADRA, HEC and Institutes or other respected and responsive departments of Government and if you have submitted wrong details and NIP got it as wrong details you will be rejected. They will do first verification using NADRA and than with University, College or HEC and again if something is wrong you will be known as rejected candidate of pmyts (NIP).

Now if they found that you are good and submitted details are accurate they will than do a result on merit base and select the best matching candidates on behalf of education level and numbers in the results of your submitted certificates of HEC recognized institute or university and if you are in the lucky ones who are accepted as pmyts candidate for NIP than you will receive an email from NIP team confirming your entry with details of username and password for your login into the web portal of NIP. If you received an email from NIP with NIP web portal login details than you can smile as you will be in selected candidates list for (PMYTS) prime minister's youth training scheme and NIP (national internship program).

So, PMYTS Process is quit simple? Yes it is. However if you need more information regarding selection of PMYTS and process of selection for NIP than please do comment below as we are here to help you out in getting your own earned income from prime minister youth scheme so you can be able to earn passive income working in government sectors.


  1. I have received the congratulation email but still am waiting for the confirmation email...


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