200 students expelled from examination centre for MDCAT in Pakistan

Bahawalpur City News: There were more than 200+ aspirants appeared in Hasilpur Road because of unusual activity inside the auditorium of the Baghdadul Jadid campus of Islamia University (IUB) on the dates of MDCAT tests (Sunday) in this month and they were expelled from the MCAT examination centre just because of providing no original copies of Computerized National Identity Card or in another case the B-Form.
200 students expelled from examination centre for MDCAT in Pakistan

As aspirants were asked to get their official ID card's copies or B-Form copies with them on the official website of University of Health Sciences and many others have done the same thing but 200+ students were not able to do so and they expelled from the test centre.

After this happens, immediately the future Doctors become angry and they blocked the Hasilpur Road for up to some hours and all of the females were putting blame on the university teams that they haven't issued these statements and their is no rule about such steps before they applied.

There is another education news that the university had expelled the candidates who brought with them the copies of real documents but not real ones so they had to do this.

Also, students were talking about the bad faculty members and the rules where too much offensive. However their might be a sick problem, which should be fixed.

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