Punjab University Entry Test Results 2017-18 Are Announced

Recently Punjab university has announced the entry test results for test held in 2017 and also they are announcing the 2018 entry test results on the same page.

If you have given the entry test in any campus of the PU than you can get your entry test results at the page where they are announcing the list of candidates for interview and also showing all the entry test results.
Just go ahead to http://pu.edu.pk/page/detail/Entry-Test-Results_2017-18.html and find your entry test name so you can find your result.

That is the only way to check the entry test results of PU for M.Phil, Ph.D, MS, MPA and other subjects.

Punjab university will announce the entry test results for 2018 on this same page so check your entry test results for free and download results in pdf for offline view. Thanks

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