PMYTS 2018 Stipend: How to Check Balance By SMS

Now no more waiting and other hard ways to check that your stipend is arrived or not in your NBP account and you can check it whenever you want to check.

We are going to guide you on how you can easily check your Stipend and balance with SMS service of National Bank of Pakistan for PMYTS.

Here is the PMYTS's technology is doing its play by confirming your stipend using the SMS service for free.
PMYTS 2017 Stipend: How to Check Balance By SMS

You can easily make use of this and if you don't know how to check your balance for stipend by SMS you can follow below steps.
  1. Hold your mobile phone and go to write message
  2. Type NBP and give space > type BAL and give space > Type your 10 digits of NBP account number
  3. Now send it to 9060
 You'll receive a message from NBP (if your stipend arrived):
As on 2017-11-05
Time 09:30pm
Ledger Bal: 12000
Available Bal: 12000
Status: Active
Now you can payout this stipend money by using your ATM or check book by visiting your local branch of the National Bank of Pakistan.

Sometimes stipend arrival may take longer, so don't worry and keep sending sms to get informed about your stipend easily.


  1. im chak for the
    online account

  2. Sir i checked my Balance it shows me
    As on 2017-07-22 15:56:20 Ledger
    Bal:4750.00 Available Bal: -995,284.00
    status: Active
    What means by the -995,284.00 ???

  3. That are their own special accounting numbers nothing else.

  4. Is there any way that i can get my accounr number through NIC without visiting bank?

  5. Is there any way that i can get get my account number through NIC without visiting bank? I recieved the message from bank but i mistakenly deleted it

  6. Call to bank that will assist you further.

  7. Do not send your account details through sms or phone. It's better to visit nearest NBP branch.

  8. hmm, thanks pmyts phase 3 and pmyts phase 4 ki details bhi yeh hi hain doston


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