All You Need To Know About Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme

Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme's brief description is:

They want to train educated youth of Pakistan by internship in public and private sector offices by giving them the job holding opportunities.
Basic information:
  • Budget for Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme: 2015 to 2018: 7851 Millions
  • Data: 106,989 applicants is complete, 18000 Diploma holders have been verified by the respective Technical Education Boards and 44000 degree holders have been verified by HEC.
  • Success: M/O IPC has issued placement letters to above 44000 candidates based on their preferences
With the great aim to support the educated youth of Pakistan by financial freedom this program (scheme) is making its towards youth of Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria to enroll in this scheme is:

  •     16 years HEC recognized degree or equivalent certificate
  •     Diploma of 3-years after Matriculation or FSC (engineering or any other)
  •     Madrassah graduates are also entitled to apply for this scheme
  •     50% of marks or 2.5 CGPA in final degree or diploma is the minimum threshold for selection of interns of PMYTS
  •     Age limit is up-to 25 years as of 25-10-2016.
  •     Pakistani National (Pakistani nationality holders only)
  •     Female candidates will be encouraged to apply for this scheme and male also
Geographical spread is All over Pakistan and just in Pakistan not out-side of the country.

Stipend and Number of Interns:

  1. Payment of Rs.12,000 per month for 12 months (per person)
  2. 50,000 females+males can do the work

Training programme and area of trainings:

  • Points (focal) are responsible to ensure effective and good use of internees of the scheme
  • All leading areas such as federal, firms and bodies, organizations, educational institutes, provincial and local government offices and private sectors too

People behind and we can contact them to are:

    Name: Syed Mohammad Ashiq Hussain Shah (MNA)
    Email address:

Focal Person:
    Name: Miss Azra Jamali - Director General (NIP)
    Position: Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination
    Email address:

That's all the information I can give you about Prime Minister's Youth Training Scheme at this time, I will update you through more news whenever I get them.
NOTE: This is the only official PMYTS Helpline number: 0331-100-1000 so call on this for any related information.

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