We at www.TaleemWala.com allowing you to get news updates about, admissions, results and other education related material also job alerts without getting any type of information and we get all the information from the internet.

From internet means we search for related topics and when we see there is a accurate news we put that on blog.

However if there is wrong news on blog we are not responsible for that news and in any case like this you can contact us to remove that article.

As we don't have any type of team to investigate on news's so you can ask us to remove irrelevant article(s).

Websites embedding (displaying websites of educational institutes in pages):

On www.TaleemWala.com we are embedding some Pakistan education institutes websites to make students get official and accurate details about their results and more information as well as they are in need.

We are granting every institute the total permission from us to say their words on their websites and we are not responsible for that words to the students or to the staff of that institutes.

Ads Policy

We are using Google Adsense to show ads on pages of www.TaleemWala.com for generating revenue and AdClerks banners to get direct advertisements.

As all the students and educational services can advertise on our website you are free to discuss further information and details with us.

We don't share any info with any of third party and all the information we gets from every single visit to our website we don't save that and thus you are safe with us.

If someone have problem (feel not good) can ask us to remove the site from page and we will do it upon our review about the case.

If its against the official terms of any of Authority like Google (blogger) or some of others they can inform us on our facebook page and we will do remove whatever they thinks is bad.