2nd Year FSc Chemistry Notes in PDF all Chapters Free Download

2nd Year FSc Chemistry Notes in PDF all Chapters Free Download
Here students can find 2nd-year Chemistry notes of all chapters for FSc in PDF format and with free downloadable file links from Google drive which you can utilize as easy as possible. FSc pre-medical students can read and download these notes for Chemistry subject for free.

We from TaleemWala at this page are providing 2nd year Chemistry Notes All Chapters pdf download option chapter to chapter to Pakistani students so that they can take their studies to the next level without spending thousands of rupees on buying hard copy notes.

2nd Year FSc Chemistry Notes Download:

Chapter No. Chapter Name Download Links (Google Drive)
1 Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity Download Notes
2 S-Block Elements Download Notes
3 Group IIIA and IVA Elements Download Notes
4 Group VA and VIA Elements Download Notes
5 Halogens and Noble Gases Download Notes
6 Transition Elements Download Notes
7 Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry Download Notes
8 Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Download Notes
9 Aromatic Hydrocarbons Download Notes
10 Alkyl Halides Download Notes
11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Download Notes
12 Carboxylic Acids Download Notes
13 Aldehydes and Ketones Download Notes
14 Macromolecules Download Notes
15 Polymers Download Notes
16 Environmental Chemistry Download Notes

NOTE: We have download these notes from BeEducated website and not responsible for any error.

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