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My Pet Animal English Essay for 5th and 8th Class

Here is the My Pet Animal (Dog) English Essay for 5th and 8th Classes in Pakistan. So read it out and easily impress your teachers.

MY PET Animal English Essay:

Many people in the world keep pet animals. They love them and take care of them. They feed them
well. I also have a pet dog. Its name is Jacky. Its colour is brown and white. It is a medium-sized dog. It is stout and has a small head. Its jaws are strong. Its ears are hanging down. It has small eyes. It has
a short tail. It is a shaggy animal. It runs very fast and I take it for a long walk everyday in the morning. It likes to eat meat and fish. It likes to drink milk. It loves to play with ball. It is very active and is always on the alert. It never lets the unconcerned people to enter the house. It does not bark on the beggars. It guards our house with agility at night. In the morning, I give it a delicious breakfast. I give it a bath after a couple of days.

When I return home from the school. It runs to me and licks my feet. It is very faithful. It feels very
happy when I take him out for a walk. It does not bite anyone. It also does not dirty its place. All my
family members like it very much.

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