My Hobby English Essay for 5th and 8th Class

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My Hobby English Essay for 5th and 8th Class

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MY HOBBY English Essay:

Hobby is an activity which we do in our spare time. It helps us in spending our leisure time in our
favorite activity. It also helps us in maintaining our physical and mental health. The hobbies
people usually take on, may be gardening, collecting matchboxes, collection of stickers, collection of the coins of different countries, collecting stones and philately (Collection of stamps).

My favorite pastime is gardening. It assists me in maintaining my health as it is also said to be
a refreshing hobby. I have a spare piece of land at the back of my house. I fulfill my fondness for gardening there. It is helpful as well as affordable hobby. I really enjoy it and it keeps my lawn colorful the whole year.

First of all, I soften the land with manure and irrigate it to make the land fertile. Then, I sow the seeds of different vegetables and fruits and I also take the twigs of some fragrant flowers and sow them in the flower pots. I regularly water them and take a very good care of them properly. After a few weeks, my efforts are granted and I enjoy seeing my lawn full of colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables. This is the most pleasant sight for me. I like my hobby very much.

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