NACTA Introduced Apps for Citizens of Pakistan

Cyber Counter terrorism Initiative of NACTA have introduced Tatheer driver for smartphone users of Pakistan for various things and more apps like CHAUKAS and its available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is use-able for letting the government and sectors to know whats happening in the area as you can submit the reports anonymously about extremist content of all types, speeches, banners and bad activities and its about everything you can see online or offline just report it.
NACTA Introduced Apps for Citizens of Pakistan

After receiving the reports from your hands and other people the Chaukas app will send these reports to FIA, Police and all other big law enforcement authorities including regulatory authorities of whole Pakistan.

There is also a website available for more accurate access to the reporting section which is live at domain name and every citizen is able to use this safe surf website to tell law authorities about terrorism and bad happening around them.

All of this is supervised by National Coordinator NACTA and IT Wing team is handling the Tat'heer drive and its apps development and updates.

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