IQ Test Quiz - MCQs for IQ Testing with Answers

IQ Test Quiz - MCQs for IQ Testing with Answers
If you are preparing for an IQ test quiz or going to test someone else IQ score than you can put these IQ MCQs on a note book and ask to that person, he/she will defiantly have to proof what should be tested in an IQ test and these iq mcqs with answers can use for nts test exam preparation.

We have added these MCQs for IQ Testing with Answers to help you prepare for your test and also you can make your IQ level go high by reading and remembering these IQ questions with answers.

IQ Question: 1. Heptagon
Answer: 7 sides

IQ Question: 2. Daily wages of worker is 200 increased by 10%?
Answer: 220

IQ Question: 3. Hexagon ?
Answer: Six sided

IQ Question: 4. Current Unit:
Answer: Ampere

IQ Question: 5. 4cm square area ?
Answer: 16cm2

IQ Question: 6. 3% of 2000 ?
Answer: 60

IQ Question: 7. New name of Burma ?
Answer: Myanmar

IQ Question: 8. Blood is cleaned by ?
Answer: Liver

IQ Question: 9. Thickest layer of earth ?
Answer: Mantle

IQ Question: 10. Find the value ....... 5X = ?
Answer: 30

IQ Question: 11. Kashghar is in ?
Answer: China

IQ Question: 12. Barack Obama is the president of USA ?
Answer: 44th

IQ Question: 13. ILO ?
Answer: International Labour Organization

IQ Question: 14. Income tax rate is 10% if tax deducted is 1500 what wil be the income ?
Answer: 15000

IQ Question: 15. 1,2,4,7,11,16,22………?
Answer: 29

IQ Question: 16. A boy purchased pen for Rs.80 and sold for 40 ?
Answer: Loss Rs.40

IQ Question: 17. A men purchased book of 440 and sold in 400 ?
Answer: Loss 40

IQ Question: 18. If 16 men complete work in 10 days how much days required completing work by 8 men ?
Answer: 20 days.

IQ Question: 19. If 45% students fail and 550 pass total number of students ?
Answer: 1000

IQ Question: 20. Four side equal ?
Answer: Square

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