100 Idioms MCQs with Answers - Best for Tests Preparation

100 Idioms MCQs with Answers - Best for Tests Preparation
Here is a list of most important and solved idioms which were asked to entrants in recent test exams in various sectors and at many platforms including NTS, PTS, PSCS, GAT, CSS and others.

You can read and remember these 100 idioms MCQs with answers for test preparation to score high in the exam and results. So now read out the list of best and most important 100 Idioms MCQs with Answers which are Best for Tests Preparation.

Idiom: 1. To add insult to injury
Answer: To intensify a person

Idiom: 2. To be born with a silver
Answer: To be born in a rich family Spoon in one’s mouth

Idiom: 3. A bolt from the blue
Answer: An expected disaster

Idiom: 4. To blow one’s own trumpet
Answer: To boast

Idiom: 5. A bone of contention
Answer: Cause of quarrel

Idiom: 6. To burn one’s fingers
Answer: To suffer

Idiom: 7. To beat black & blue
Answer: To beat mercilessly

Idiom: 8. To cast an aspersion
Answer: To bring discredit

Idiom: 9. To cry over spilt milk
Answer: To feel sorry for what has happened

Idiom: 10. To cut a sorry figure
Answer: To make a poor impression

Idiom: 11. To die in harness
Answer: To die while doing one’s duty

Idiom: 12. To end in smoke
Answer: To fail

Idiom: 13. To go to the dogs
Answer: To be ruined

Idiom: 14. To hang in the balance
Answer: To remain undecided

Idiom: 15. To hit the nail on the head
Answer: To do the right thing at the right time

Idiom: 16. To hold water
Answer: To sound logical

Idiom: 17. To live no stone unturned
Answer: To try one’s level best

Idiom: 18. To live from hand to mouth
Answer: To live with great difficulty

Idiom: 19. To make up one’s mind
Answer: To decide

Idiom: 20. To see eye to eye with
Answer: Agree

Idiom: 21. To play ducks and drakes
Answer: Waste

Idiom: 22. To put the cart before the horse
Answer: To do a thing in a wrong way

Idiom: 23. To have too many irons in the fire
Answer: To have too many things in hand

Idiom: 24. To read b/w the lines
Answer: To try to understand the hidden meaning

Idiom: 25. To turn over a new leaf
Answer: To change for the better

Idiom: 26. To take the bull by horns
Answer: To face difficulties boldly

Idiom: 27. To win laurels
Answer: To distinguish oneself

Idiom: 28. At daggers drawn
Answer: At enmity or fighting

Idiom: 29. Blake and white
Answer: Written

Idiom: 30. By leaps and bounds
Answer: Very fast

Idiom: 31. In cold blood
Answer: deliberately

Idiom: 32. Laid up with
Answer: Confined to bed

Idiom: 33. Ins and outs
Answer: Full details

Idiom: 34. A black sheep
Answer: Scoundrel / a bad person

Idiom: 35. A cock and bull story
Answer: An absurd tale

Idiom: 36. A gala day
Answer: A day of festivity / a holiday with rejoicing

Idiom: 37. A hard nut to crack
Answer: A difficult person or problem to deal with

Idiom: 38. A turn coat
Answer: One who changes one’s opinion or party

Idiom: 39. A fool’s paradise
Answer: In a state of happiness founded on vain hopes

Idiom: 40. Beat a retreat
Answer: To retire before the enemy

Idiom: 41. To be on the horns of a dilemma
Answer: To have a choice b/w two equal evils

Idiom: 42. To beat about the bush
Answer: Approach a subject in a round about method

Idiom: 43. Bury the hatchet
Answer: To make peace

Idiom: 44. By fits and starts
Answer: Irregularly

Idiom: 45. Capital punishment
Answer: Death sentence

Idiom: 46. By hook or by crook
Answer: By fair or foul means

Idiom: 47. Eat humble pie
Answer: To face humiliation

Idiom: 48. Hit below the belt
Answer: To act unfairly

Idiom: 49. In apple pie order
Answer: In perfect order

Idiom: 50. Leave one in lurch
Answer: To desert in difficulty

Idiom: 51. To make a clean breast of
Answer: To confess fully one’s faults

Idiom: 52. To nip the evil in the bud
Answer: To destroy an evil in early stage

Idiom: 53. Pick holes in another’s coat
Answer: To find fault with another

Idiom: 54. Scot free
Answer: To go unpunished

Idiom: 55. Smell a rat
Answer: To have a reason to suspect

Idiom: 56. Through thick and thin
Answer: Through every difficulty

Idiom: 57. True to one’s salt
Answer: Faithful to one’s master

Idiom: 58. To turn the corner
Answer: To begin to improve

Idiom: 59. With a grain of salt
Answer: To accept a statement with doubt as to its complete true

Idiom: 60. Worship the rising sun
Answer: To respect one rising in power

Idiom: 61. A Herculean task
Answer: An extremely difficult or dangerous task

Idiom: 62. A fish out of water
Answer: In a wrong place

Idiom: 63. A leap in the dark
Answer: An act of which we can’t force consequences

Idiom: 64. A thorn in one’s side
Answer: A constant source of annoyance

Idiom: 65. To be at one’s beck and call
Answer: Under one’s absolute control

Idiom: 66. Bread and Butter
Answer: Means of subsistence

Idiom: 67. Burn one’s fingers
Answer: To get into trouble

Idiom: 68. Burn the candle at both ends
Answer: Use up too much energy

Idiom: 69. To cut the Gordian knot
Answer: To solve the difficulty

Idiom: 70. Cut and dried
Answer: Ready-made

Idiom: 71. Feather one’s own nest
Answer: To make money by unfair means

Idiom: 72. To fish in troubled water
Answer: To do something under very unpromising circumstance

Idiom: 73. To give oneself airs
Answer: Affected manners

Idiom: 74. To give the devil his due
Answer: To allow even a bad man the credit due

Idiom: 75. To hang by thread
Answer: To be in a critical condition

Idiom: 76. A henpecked husband
Answer: A man habitually snubbed by his wife

Idiom: 77. Hush money
Answer: Money given as a bribe to hush or make one keep silent

Idiom: Idiom: 78. Kick up a row
Answer: Make a great noise

Idiom: 79. To let the cat out of the bag
Answer: To reveal a secret

Idiom: 80. Null and void
Answer: Not valid / of no effect

Idiom: 81. On the spur of the moment
Answer: At once

Idiom: 82. Pay one back in one’s own coin
Answer: To treat in the same way as one has been treated

Idiom: 83. Put in cold storage
Answer: To forget or neglect something

Idiom: 84. Pull wires
Answer: To manage the show by secret Influence

Idiom: 85. Read b/w the lines
Answer: To hit at the real meaning

Idiom: 86. Sit on the fence
Answer: To avoid taking sides / to remain neutral

Idiom: 87. A square deal
Answer: Justice

Idiom: 88. Sword of Damocles
Answer: Treating danger

Idiom: 89. To take up the gauntlet
Answer: To accept the challenge

Idiom: 90. To eat one’s heart out
Answer: To suffer silently, bitterly

Idiom: 91. B/t the devil and the deep sea
Answer: B/w two dangers equally harmful

Idiom: 92. A sweet tooth
Answer: A liking for sweetmeat

Idiom: 93. A dark horse
Answer: An unknown person

Idiom: 94. A bottleneck
Answer: Anything that cause delays

Idiom: 95. To put one’s foot down
Answer: To show determination

Idiom: 96. A wet blanket
Answer: A grumbling, depressing person

Idiom: 97. To throw up the sponge
Answer: To acknowledge defeat

Idiom: 98. A feather in one’s cap
Answer: Something to be proud of

Idiom: 99. A red letter day
Answer: An auspicious day

Idiom: 100. Bag and baggage
Answer: With all one’s belongings

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