Anthropology Exam Questions and Answers - MCQs for Anthropology

Anthropology Exam Questions and Answers - MCQs for Anthropology
If you were in search of MCQs for Anthropology than you should stop it right now and check out this list of important and recently asked in papers Anthropology Exam Questions and Answers.

We have researched and found that these MCQs for Anthropology were asked for many times in all the tests like MCAT and others to check out the students and you can pass your test with high scores or study these Anthropology Exam Questions and Answers for preparation of your next test.

Question 1. The percentage of glucose present in the normal urine is

Correct Answer: (1) 0.1%
(2) 2%
(3) 9.5%
(4) 0%

Question 2. Protective foods in our diet are

(1) Fats and vitamins
(2) Carbohydrates and minerals
(3) Vitamins and minerals
Correct Answer: (4) Proteins and carbohydrates

Question 3. The function of hemoglobin in the body is

Correct Answer: (1) Transport of oxygen
(2) Destruction of bacteria
(3) Prevention of anemia
(4) Utilisation of iron

Question 4. What is the body temperature of a normal man?

(1) 81.1oC
Correct Answer: (2) 36.9oC
(3) 98.6oC
(4) 21.7oC

Question 5. Red blood corpuscles are formed in the

(1) Liver
Correct Answer: (2) Bone marrow
(3) Kidneys
(4) Heart

Question 6. The largest part of the human brain is the

(1) Medulla oblongata
(2) Cerebellum
Correct Answer: (3) Cerebrum
(4) None of these

Question 7. Which of the following glands secrete tears?

Correct Answer: (1) Lachrymal
(2) Pituitary
(3) Thyroid
(4) Pancreas

Question 8. Which is the largest gland in the human body?

(1) Thyroid
Correct Answer: (2) Liver
(3) Pancreas
(4) None of these

Question 9. Which of the following blood groups is called a universal donor?

Correct Answer: (1) O group
(2) AB group
(3) A group
(4) B group

Question 10. Appendix is a part of

(1) Small intestine
Correct Answer: (2) Large intestine
(3) Stomach
(4) Liver

Question 11. Food is normally digested in the

(1) Liver
(2) Stomach
Correct Answer: (3) Small intestine
(4) Large intestine

Question 12. In which part of the body is the hammer located?

(1) Throat
(2) Eyes
Correct Answer: (3) Ear
(4) Nose

Question 13. Which is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself?

(1) Eyes
(2) Ears
(3) Nose
Correct Answer: (4) Tooth

NOTE: We did a lot of work to arrange this list of Anthropology MCQs for test preparation and looking forward with students but not those who copy and paste.

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