As you all knows that Prime Minister Youth Training Scheme (PMYTS) is a ground breaking and most powerful program to develop the awareness of work and education and make educated and fresh youth to get some jobs and earn through working for the government in different public and private sector organizations which are granted in the PMYTS program.

In this news we are going to inform you that over forty nine thousands of the fresh (students) has been granted for a full of 12 month and paid internship program.
PMYTS Over 49,000 Fresh Graduates Granted Paid Internship
From which by the help of Prime Minister Youth Training Scheme they will be on a job to get some salary and support their families for up to one year.

In addition to the Prime Minister Youth Training Scheme (PMYTS) another Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Program has been working for the youth and have trained over 73,627 (male and female) candidates in various skills to make the youth work for the country and their families too.

PMYTS will keep on working for the youth of the Pakistan till the Govt will make sure that now every student is able to get a job and this the wonderful program by the Prime Minister of the Pakistan till now.

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